How to take out a car battery step by step

It is not uncommon to find batteries still in good state after 5 years of operation. Even though batteries generally have an average life of 4 years; the battery does not always give signs before runners out before breaking down. So it is advisable to replace your battery every 5 years to avoid failure.So it is essential that you learn how to take out a car battery

Steps required before you take out a car battery 

When taking out a car battery

Place the car on a stable and flat space. Make sure you are well far away from sparks or flame and do not smoke.

Tighten the hand brake

Steps taking out car battery

A-Locate the battery

Open the hood of the car

The battery is generally in an accessible place near the engine. It is in the form of a rectangular box with cables.

Before disconnecting the battery, make sure that you have the security code for your car radio (if it has one)

This code will be required when you reinstall the battery after it has been disconnected.

If you do not have the code, when you disconnect the battery, it is possible to maintain power to the car radio with an electronic memory backup system that you can plug into the cigarette lighter (it is sold in auto service) or connecting the cables of your battery in a battery backup (or that of another vehicle) with jumper cables.

Remember to remove rings

Wear gloves and goggles for protection yourself from sulfuric acid in the battery

How to take out a car battery positive or negative first?

That is one of the questions asked by most people

To take out a car the battery you must first start by identifying where is located the pole (+) and the pole (-)

To take out your old battery, always start by unplugging the minus (-)

Disconnect the negative battery terminal first; that way, you will avoid short circuits if you accidentally touch the body of the vehicle with your key while you disconnect the positive terminal.

Then disconnect the positive battery terminal

Remove the battery bracket

Unscrew the bolt that holds the negative terminal

Slide the terminal outside the terminal

Unscrew the same way the positive terminal

Remove the used battery, taking care not to tilt it. There are risks of acid leakage.

Buying the right battery

Battery dimensions must be identical.

Look at the information is on the label of the old battery

The rated voltage is expressed in volts (V)

The capacity in ampere expressed in (Ah)

The starting power expressed in amperes (A)

The power of the battery must be at least equal to that of the old battery.

How do you install a car battery?

Install the battery by placing the positive and negative terminals in front of the corresponding wires

Make sure to connect the positive terminal first

Then connect the negative terminal in the same way

Tighten the screws and bolts that hold the battery in place

Replace the battery clamp

Apply grease on the terminals to protect them from corrosion.

checkout this video to learn how to choose your car battery

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