Connecting Car Battery Terminals

This may seem obvious but when connecting car battery terminals there are rules to be respected.Connecting a car battery  is something most people can by themselves

Where are the positive and negative of car battery?

With the engine off, open the hood and look for the battery.

Before connecting car battery terminals and making sure they are clean, you’ll have to first figure out where the positive and negative cables of the car battery come out, so that the battery could be oriented in the right direction.

The negative terminal is bolt on the frame of the car or engine or transmission. It is grounding the negative side to the body of the car. The positive side is fully connected to the starter of the car.

Next you have to put the cables out of the way to make a place for the battery and so that they don’t fall under it.

Carefully place the battery in its place then make sure the cables can reach to the terminals.

Then tighten the battery evenly so that does not suffer too much pressure on one side or another

When the battery is secure in the car, we are going to shake it to make sure it is tight and stable.

Now it is time to connect the terminals to the battery starting with positive then moving on to the negative.

Connecting car battery terminals

Make sure to remove any cover you might find on the terminals

-You must connect your positive cable to the positive (+) terminal of your battery first to be avoided all contact and problems,

-Then you can reconnect your negative cable (-) to the negative terminal on your battery

Push the terminals down into the battery as hard as you can,

-Then tighten them up by pushing down and twisting it open the ring and make the best contact as possible.


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