Cleaning Car Battery Terminals

Why car battery become sulfated?

Cleaning car battery terminals become neccessary as time goes by.The battery terminals of the vehicle then looks bad or have bad contacts. This is generally due to the fact that the terminal metal posts are sulfated.

The building up of sulfation is one of the main causes of early battery failure.

A sulfated battery can lead to:

Longer charging time for your battery

Loss of cranking power

Excessive heat buildup which can lead to “boil out”

Shorter battery life

It also lowers the amount of current and voltage you can draw from your battery

When sulfation does happen?

It happens when your battery is deprived of its full charge and when you leave your battery too long without charging it.

How to prevent sulfation?

The simplest way to prevent sulfation is keeping your battery fully charge and making sure your battery cells are not dry.

Cleaning Car Battery Terminals

What will you need to clean the battery terminals?

-Spanners or screwdrivers

-Wire brush

-Container with 500 ml of water

-baking soda

-A piece of rag

-A pair of gloves

The first thing to do is to turn off the car engine and take a look at the battery terminals to check their status. Sulfation is observed when the metal takes a blue or greenish color.

-We will solve the problem with a screwdriver or a spanner nut, remove the screws or nuts that hold the battery cables. Start by disconnecting the negative (-) black wire and then the positive (+) red wire. You will move it away from the metal cables in order to prevent both the negative and the positive wires from coming into contact.

-To remove the corrosion, you’ll need water, baking soda, a clean rag and a pair of gloves to protect our hands.

First thing to do is sprinkle the baking soda on the battery terminals and other areas where corrosion built up.

Now pour the water slowly over the baking soda.

Wait about a minute while the baking soda neutralizes the corrosion.

You can use an old tooth brush or a small wire bush to help clean off the corrosion

Once you have removed all the corrosion use a clean rag to dry the terminals and wires of the battery

Now that the terminals are clean, we can use a battery terminal spray protector to spray a coat over the terminals.Now it is time to reconnect the battery

check out this video , to learn how long can a battery last

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