Change a Car Battery

Why car battery die

Learning to change a car battery is vital because because battery failure is one of the most recognizable failures, simply because in 99% of cases when we enter our car, turn the key and no lights appear, the problem comes from the battery

We just have to carry out a test using a voltmeter to help find the source of the failure

If the failure really comes from your battery, there are two possibilities

In the best case, you might have to just recharge the battery, but if your battery has reached the end of its life, you’ll have to replace it with a new one.

how to know when your battery is dead, check the video below

How to change a car battery steps 

Locate the battery

If you own the car maintenance booklet use it to locate the battery. Otherwise, it is generally placed in an accessible place under the hood near the engine.

So all you have to do, if you don’t have a model car equipped with an automatic system is open the hood of it and lock it using the lift rod.

Try to spot a rectangular box with two cables: one red and one black.

Warning: some batteries are located inside the fender or in the trunk and can become difficult to access it. Feel free in this case to get help from a seasoned mechanic or professional.

When should you replace your car battery?

Test to carry out before you change a car battery

A power failure can have several causes. If it is an alternator problem: the battery charging circuit is then the cause of the problem, but not the battery itself.

Before buying a battery unnecessarily, so you need to make sure that the problem is related to it.

In order to test the voltage of your battery , you need to use a voltmeter.

Warning: remove bracelets, rings and all other metal objects that could cause fatal short circuit if it came into contact with the minus and plus of your battery. Also, make sure that no wrench or other tools get in touch with the two battery terminals simultaneously.

Put the multimeter in voltmeter mode, imperatively volt DC (symbol resembling the = sign and not that like a wave ~).

Then connect the red wire of the multimeter on the “+” terminal of the battery.

Connect the black wire of the meter to the “-” terminal of the battery.

The measured voltage should be between 12.5 and 12.7 V.

If the value is less than 11.7 V, the battery is empty.

The first thing to do in this case is to try recharging. If charging does not work, change the battery.

Replacing car battery

Before you change a car battery look for a secure stable place with a flat surface then pull up the parking brake (handbrake).

Something very important to know: If your vehicle is a very old model, it might be equipped with a so-called battery “with care”. Wear goggles and gloves to protect yourself against sulfuric acid in the battery, which can escape. Preferably wearing old work clothes: in case of contact with the battery, holes will eventually appear when washing it.

Now it is time to change the battery, first find the location of the “+” and “-” pole to facilitate the installation of the new battery, then:

Always start by unplugging the negative terminal of your old battery, which carries the sign “-“:

Loosen the bolt from the negative terminal.

Then slide it outside and away from the battery.

If necessary, label the cable to properly identify the negative from the positive.

Unscrew the same way the positive terminal.

Unscrew the screws or bolts of the battery.

Place the bolts and screws in a secure place to avoid losing them.

Lift the battery to dislodge it from its location.

Make sure not to tilt it (risk of acid leakage if batteries with maintenance).

Place the used battery next to your car.

Caution: a battery can weigh up to 30 kg! If needed, do not hesitate to ask for a hand.

Prepare the new battery

Visually check the condition of the terminals of the new battery. Rub with fine sandpaper within the two lugs or scrub them with a wire brush then remove any dust on the pods.

Install the new battery

Place the new battery in place of the old one: be sure to put the terminals “+” and “-” on the right side!

Tighten the screws and bolts that hold the battery in place.

Connect the terminal “+” first by tightening the bolt with the wrench.

Connect the terminal “-” the same way.

Finally, close the cover.

The car is ready to start.

Recycle used battery

A battery contains highly toxic chemicals, so do not put in the trash!



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